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On his website promoting Homosexual relationships, "Gareth Chambers" (a pseudonym) uses the phrase “same sex relationships” on a number of occasions in a most disingenuous way:

“The Bible, the word of God, does not oppose same sex relationships. Loving someone, whatever their gender, will not exclude you from the Kingdom of God.”

“There are really only five or six passages that are used to oppose same sex relationships.

“The only book or document that defines Christadelphian beliefs is the Bible, and the Bible is not opposed to same sex relationships.

“Romans 1 is the easiest of the classic 'clobber' passages to look at. It is clearly about same sex relationships … But it is also clearly not about all same sex relationships … It does not describe same sex relationships among Christadelphians.”

These references are particularly disingenuous – of course Romans 1 is not about all same sex relationships – it is specifically against Homosexual same-sex relationships! The two are not equivalent expressions at all:

The Bible does not condemn same-sex relationships per se - "GC" is quite correct to say this. But as we have demonstrated here it does condemn Homosexual relationships. There are many other forms of same-sex relationships which it actively encourages, and commends. For instance, the Father/Son, Mother/Daughter relationship. Again, there is the brother/brother and sister/sister relationship both naturally, and for those who are brethren and sisters in Christ.

Therefore, to make the blanket statement that “The Bible, the word of God, does not oppose same sex relationships" is disingenuous. To say: "Loving someone, whatever their gender, will not exclude you from the Kingdom of God” is intellectual dishonesty. It is perfectly true, that if a man loves his brother, or a sister loves her sister, that will not exclude them from the Kingdom of God! But it is not true that if he or she engages in Homosexual relationships with them, it will not exclude from the Kingdom of God; for it is explicitly listed as one of many forms of behaviour that will exclude from the kingdom in 1 Corinthians Chapter 6, verses 9-10. So we see that "GC" is taking a statement which is perfectly true (i.e. that the Bible doesn’t condemn same-sex relationships per se) and dishonestly applying it to a specific form of same-sex relationship which the Bible does condemn.

For believers in Christ, brother/brother, sister\sister relationships – with brother/sister relationships – are among the most important of all relationships they will have during their mortal lives. To be called to be the brethren of Christ (Col 1:2; Heb 2:11) is a great privilege indeed; and for males, this might accurately be described as a “same-sex relationship”. But that is a relationship of beauty and love, encouraged and commended by Scripture. Whereas homosexual relationships – whenever they are mentioned in Scripture, are always condemned. Here is the great weakness in GC's case – there are no passages of Scripture which specifically advocate Homosexual same sex relationships, whereas there are many which speak of the love of brethren. If Homosexuality is acceptable for believers in Christ – why don’t the Scriptures say so? Why is it that every reference to it is in the strongest terms of condemnation?

In his questions and answers page, "GC" answers the question: “Are there really affirmations of same sex relationships in the Bible?” By saying: “I believe there are, yes. I'm working on a page about them.”

Whilst we would not wish to presume to know what points he intends to make on that page, our next study examines 3 cases of “same-sex relationships” in Scripture, which are commonly advanced in favour of Homosexual relationships: Ruth & Naomi, David & Jonathan, and Daniel & Ashpenaz.

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